October Goals

I did very well with my September goals and so I thought I'd share my October ones.  The incentive to finish up September goals was so strong courtesy sharing my list last month that I feel it's very worthwhile to share.

It should be cooler this month.  I hope to get quite a bit of work done outdoors:  No to every item on this list.  I cleared the pots of dead plants, trimmed some roses.  It's been hot and not in the least cool.

Purchase more block and finish up the one flower bed I couldn't quite finish for September.  I had all the mulch needed but I fell woefully short on the landscape edging blocks. Should be able to buy blocks this week to finish that up.

Start next area (South end of the house).  I'm working my way around the house at present.  At the very least I want to buy some materials.  Not this month!

Move the iris next to my shed to another spot now that John needs that area cleared.  It's too dry to move the iris and all the other plants I'd hope to move.

Move the lantana from the rose bed.  If no one volunteers to help me, I'll likely just cut it back and try to kill it off.  I usually can uproot enough to move elsewhere and establish it.  We'll see.

Take cuttings of the forsythia to try and root.

Try to root cuttings of the New Dawn rose.

Plant pots about house for fall/winter months.  There are plants that do very well here in the cooler months: parsley, pansies, evergreens, mums, snapdragons.  Also if it's mild enough I can plant lettuces but it's supposed to go into the 40's twice this weekend.  That's November temps for us...

Plant the bulbs I bought: grape hyacinth and daffodils.

Indoors: I hope to get the house settled once more after the flooring is done.

Paint wainscoting and cabinetry in bathroom. 1 cabinet to go in the bathroom...will do this one this week

Find paint for that fourth dining chair and get a proper coat on it.

Paint inside back door...Preferable to do this before new flooring goes in.  too late...but John says I must have a roller with a deeper nap on it to do the door properly.  Will try to pick one up this week.

Start painting kitchen cabinets.

Refinish the table currently between mine and John's chairs.

Get Pantry and freezer cleaned, organized and inventoried.  Hopefully this last week of October.

Pay off medical bill that came in late September. Paid 1/3 of it.  Plan to pay rest this next pay period.  I don't have quite enough to pay it off this pay period and it's due now so I'll send what I have, but I'll only owe $15 on it next pay period and will pay it off then.

Get John's Christmas ordered.

Plan all upcoming holidays from table settings to menus to decorations.  Start gathering things to make it happen. Planned Thanksgiving for two.  Need to do trial run of table setting.  No...realized I'd donated the plates I'd meant to use.  I'll have to rethink that Thanksgiving table.

Plan fall outfits starting with what I have.

Purchase pajamas, robe, underthings, slippers. And 1 bra...I have money set aside to shop with.

Do all I can to try to pay off house insurance in full when it renews next month. So far I've about 1/3 of the money needed to pay in full.  I don't know if I'll make this goal or not but I'll pay all I can on it.


Angela said...

Wow- you are going to be a busy girl this month! I too finally feel like I can make outdoor plans as the temps have been blissfully cooler. I decided to order one plant of the varieties I can't get in the big box stores. That should be financially doable. This week I ordered an old fashioned snowball bush. We also need to do a lot of burning of felled trees. I want to get two coats of stain on deck railing. Although I have property taxes in about 6 weeks so I too am doing all I can to get that together in full. Can't wait to see your progress!

Mimi said...

Terri that is a great list. You accomplished so much. Isn't it rewarding to list it all? I find that often I don't think I've managed very much at all, and yet when I write it all down, it seems so much more satisfying. Good luck with the painting! Mimi xxx

Debby in KS said...

Your home is going to look brand new by 2017!!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Terri, you have a big list for October. Lots of painting.. [I have several little tables , I want to paint , while it is cool.]
Know your excited about your new flooring.. Can't wait to see what you
do with your new area.. Know it will be so pretty.

sparky136 said...

Forsythia is easy to root, just stick a limb in the ground.

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