In My Home This Week: A Spring Frame of Mind

In my home this week:

We've been infected with Spring fever.  I suppose it's the smell of honeysuckle and privet in the air and the soft sunrises with birds screeching.  It could be the sweet serenade of the mockingbird who sits on the porch railing each day or the leaves fluttering on the trees.  It could be the long shadows that stretch across the lawn or the clear blue skies or the roses blooming with abandon.  It could be the rabbits that dance on the lawn in the early morning and late evenings or the bird nest on the cabinet shelf on the back porch.  The endless sun, gorgeous blue sky, the green trees...It could be just about anything that IS right at the moment.

It makes me restless, has my feet tapping impatiently, wanting to be off and away.  Shall I leave home for a bit or take flight in a book?  There's the question.  One I shall ponder over this weekend as I look at the week ahead.  For certain, this weather is not meant for working long and hard or dwelling inside of a home.  No, it is outdoors weather, fresh air thinking weather, dreaming weather.

...I plan meals
Macaroni and Cheese, Steamed Broccoli, Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes, Pudding

Sloppy Joes, Chips, Salad, Oranges

Fried Chicken, Potato Salad, Peas, Ambrosia

Cubed Steak, Brown Rice, Green Beans Almondine, Biscuits

Savory Chicken Pot Pie, Coleslaw, Apples

Spaghetti with Meatballs


...I plan work:
It's harvest week: bills, groceries, errands

The usual household chores... Not planning extras this week.

...I plan fun

John has all the week off.  There are things we must do but I'm not planning for extra projects this week.  I'm going to take a holiday frame of mind if I do nothing else.  Reading, journaling, resting, long rides  and dreaming.  Sometimes we just need time out to do those things.  I'm going to take a brief sabbatical from internet but should be back on by Friday evening.  I can't even begin to relate how pushed and irritated and restless and turned up I feel at the moment and I feel certain that I need to disconnect and clear my head. 


Angela said...

Terri, I hope you and John enjoy some time together and that you recharge your batteries! We all need that sometimes! Enjoy the lovely weather. Angela

Grammy Goodwill said...

Would you share your way of fixing cubed steak? I fixed it last week and mine had no taste. Strangely, hubby thought it was great. Thank you.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Hope you and John have a nice week.. Lots of rest and relaxation.

Lana said...

Enjoy your week! The meds you are taking for your poison ivy make me feel that way too and it is not good.

Kathy said...

Enjoy your break! Hope that you can take a short vacation. I think that everyone needs a rest sometimes.

Anne Nonamouse said...

A change is as good as a rest...or is that arrest? As in arrest your activity and enjoy the coming week! We are looking forward to reading about your activities!

Living on Less Money Blog said...

I hope you enjoy your time off! Everyone needs a break once in a while!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy our time away from all of this. It wasn't that many years ago we couldn't 'talk' to each other like this.
Now we are so used to being a part of it. WE do need time away though. My mind has been pulled every which way lately. Too many loose ends on projects..some I meant to finish months or years ago. Way too many still needing finished. Add to that new things and every day life it's no wonder I am feeling jangled. I feel like the man on Ed Sullivan's show trying to keep all those plates on a stick twirling at the same time.
I got one old project finished today then instead of working more when I was already worn out I walked inside and sat down and put my feet up. Thanking God for giving me the strength and time to do what I did. If I didn't I would have ended up a crabby old gal. I needed a rest. Taking time to rest IS a Priority when you need it..and you do right now. :) Sarah

Debbie said...

I hope you have a really nice time off with your husband. :) It's good to disconnect from the internet and reconnect with our spouses while they are on vacation. Be blessed!

Laurie said...

I hope you're feeling refreshed after your time away. I love mockingbirds, and often have to chuckle at all their varying calls.

lislyn66 said...

Hoping you had a lovely time with your husband. It's been awhile since I checked in, but I'm geared up to read all of your postings. I've got a bottle of water, a packet of fruit snacks, and am curled up in my recliner. Hugs friend.


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