What I've Read This Week

Over the past few weeks I've come across some really interesting articles, items, blog posts, etc.  Each time I've thought, "Oh I'd love to share that with my readers..."  Well having, thoroughly enjoyed Dee's weekly newsletter and blog, and Rhonda at Down to Earth 'Weekend Reading' post, I  thought I'd start archiving these things for you all to check out, as well.

I've been following Rhonda's blog If You Do Stuff for a number of years.  In the past two weeks, she's shared several great posts but these two really stand out.  If you don't know Rhonda's blog, then please check it out, not just the two posts I'll be highlighting.  She's something of a CVS aficionado and really works the deals there.  This week she shared her most recent haul and her stockpile in this post:  http://ifyoudostuff.blogspot.com/2016/04/today-cvs-purchases-and-if-you-want-to.html
She loves to have a great manicure and has found, for her, press on nails work best.  She shared her favorite tips for applying and favored products in this post:

Kroger stores is featuring Spain this month and set up an entire website of recipes, travel highlights and such.  It was a fun spot to spend a half hour or so and the recipes sound delicious.  You can look about the site here:

Dee shared this item in her Facebook feed.  I enjoyed reading this article and am amazed at the dedication and professionalism of this young journalist who is following her passion at a tender age.  Frankly, after reading her article I thought about one I read last week in our local paper.  I asked John what ever happened to the old standard of 'Who, What, Where, Why, When' as I struggled to find all these answers in the article...  I think this article is proof that Pro is Pro...


Lana said…
I enjoy the weekend reading on Down to Earth, too.

Off subject but I just saw the Publix ad preview for next cycle and Diet Rite 12 packs of cans are B2G2! What a deal!
Rhonda said…
Good morning Terri, how special for you to mention my posts.
Your blog is at the top of list of my must reads and has been for years.
Lake Livin' said…
Thanks for sharing the link to Rhonda's blog. I checked it out and enjoyed it!
Annabel Smith said…
Thank you Terri! Rhonda really knows how to stock up for very little or even free! Very motivating! xxx

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