Weekend Reading List

I hope you all will take time to relax today and peruse some of these items I'm sharing.  I think they are sweet, funny, useful...Just a good old fashioned mixed lot of nice little things to explore.  Enjoy!

I'll start with TV news.  A new program on HGTV...I saw a pilot show today called 'Good Bones' but apparently it's also billed under "Two Chicks and a Hammer".  You can read up on the program here.  I liked the pilot right well.  Not quite a Rehab addict but it's a renovation type program with a mother and daughter team and they house was really pretty if overpriced on the renovation part.  Frankly I'm so tired of marathon showings of the.same.programs.times.one.hundred each week that it's nice and refreshing to see a new program on the horizon.

I've been getting Bridgette Raes newsletter for the longest time now.  I thought this particular article was interesting and a good recycling bit of information.  I confess, I did wonder how many packets of silica gel one might acquire in a given time, but she is a professional shopper and so she might acquire more than the usual standard from her patrons as they shop. http://accessories.about.com/od/Jewelry-maintenance/tp/15-Uses-for-Silica-Packets-You-Never-Thought-Of.htm

I noted that both Brenda at Down-to-earth blog and Patsy shared this week on dividing bunching onions, which I thought was interesting since they are on the opposing sides of the world and in different hemispheres as well.  Here's a link to Patsy's 'how-to' on the subject.

I introduced you all to Jenny at ELEFANTZ.  I was reading through her posts from this week and this one stood out to me.  This portion especially spoke to and moved me:

"It took me years and years to figure out what I was doing wrong.
My 'normal' was to create God in the image that I liked best, an image that speaks to me, embraces me, and leads me 'out of this world and into heavenly places', an image that was tangibly accessible as soon as I bowed my head or lifted my song to heaven, an image Who answered my prayers in a manner I desired.

Such a silly girl I was, and still am sometimes.
It is *I* who have been created in His image, not He who is being created in mine.
And that is the lesson He needed to teach me; a lesson He is still teaching me."

It really stopped me in my tracks and made me exam my own heart.  Please go read the full post.

Another announcement about a TV program, this one from PBS.  I am all for period dramas from PBS...Queen Victoria  Here's hoping the costuming takes our breath away.

I like reading the practical and beautifully photographed, The Prudent Homemaker blog.  Brandy is mistress of doings things frugally...but this post from 2012 is not exactly about being frugal in quite the usual way. 

 photo credit: Martha Stewart Living 

I saved a copy of the above photo from a MSL magazine years ago.  It is one of my favorite Easter images featured in that magazine.  So I was curious when a new to me blog also had this photo up for a blog post.  Just look what this clever girl did to replicate the look.  I am so planning to use this trick!   Honestly, while you're there you might as well have a look about her blog.  I think I'll be following her for a bit.  sheholdsdearly

I am always on the lookout for good looking, frugal remedies to various finishes in a house.  I stumbled on this girl's blog last night and was stunned by her new vinyl flooring which worked out to $.98 a square foot.  Seriously!  Take a look, here to see what Angela chose.  It's a gorgeous option I'm seriously considering for my laundry area...

That's it!  Hope you all enjoy this week's reading.


Anonymous said...

I do love finding more sites and people of interest I knew nothing about! thank you do much! Am I missing something ? i cannot find a link to the Bridgette Raes post about silica. I have never gone to her site...that I remember. :)
I used to have bunching onions for years then they were gone. We were thinking of starting them again. Don't ya just love her blog. :) The blog sphere is like having another library right in your home. ..and friends. Sarah

Terri Cheney said...

Thank you Sarah, I missed that! The link is now in the paragraph.

Anonymous said...

I did the peel and stick tiles a number of years ago. It was an inexpensive fix but then eventually the tiles shrunk a bit and left small spaces between them. My 8n terror designer daughter said it was because cheap tiles did that. Hopefully that problem has been remedied since then. Interestingly enough I used the same tiles on the top of my chest freezer and they are still perfect. Interesting blog. Checked out several of your suggestions. Gramma D

Anonymous said...

My interior designer daughter, not my terror daughter! Gotta love when the tablet changes what you have just checked!

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