Retirement Remedies: What I'm Wearing This Spring, Working With a Limited Wardrobe

I have new pieces this year, but not a huge number. Fortunately many of my accessories are weight change friendly and so they have moved into this new season with me.  Some of the photos are reproduced from last year's photo log but either pieces are the same or so similar that it really oughtn't change how they will look overall. 

What I've bought this spring is four t-shirts in pink, baby blue, aqua and beige, an olive green top, a new scarf, a black maxi, a navy blue tunic with long sleeves and a pair of white jeans.  I guesstimate I have spent about $70 this year for my spring/summer clothing and I don't plan to buy any more this season.  I have a few pieces I'm recycling from last year: a chevron striped taupe and white maxi skirt and a blue gauze shirt, a white tank and a gray tank top.. I have a shirt I picked up over winter at TJMaxx for $10 that will do nicely for spring as well that is a coral 3/4 sleeve top.  I have a pair of blue jeans and an orange t-shirt Katie gave me.  These few outfits shown here incorporate several of  these pieces.  I am not limited to just these pairings pictured, however.  I   I can create many more outfits using the pieces mentioned.  What you see here are just a few of my current ideas and I've yet to try several pieces (such as the navy tunic), not to mention several pieces Katie and Virginia have given me that I haven't even worked into outfits yet.  For all that my wardrobe is very modest many of the pieces I have will do (and have done) for many seasons.  I notate under the photos below other possible outfits I can make using the main pieces.

#1  The black maxi, olive green tunic and new scarf.  I am particularly fond of olive green and this is one of my favorite shades of it.  The scarf has black stripes and coral/orange/olive/yellow in the floral pattern.  I think this is a little dark for spring/summer but the pieces are so lightweight they will be a joy to wear when the days are hot and humid. The scarf and top will also go with the white jeans (#2)...

#3White jeans and the 3/4 sleeve coral top.  Paired with a turquoise and moonstone necklace and a bag Katie gave me years ago that was free with a purchase she made. 

#4 The same top and pants with the scarf is a second look for these pieces.  I could use the white purse I bought last spring with this or a cute coral pink and cream straw bag I have.

#5  The aqua shirt with the white jeans and coral/aqua/gold accessories and the coral straw bag.  The same shirt could be used with the black skirt with the coral sandals below or with pearls(#6) or I can pair with a striped scarf that has aqua, white, royal blue and green and worn with blue jeans (#7).  I'd carry my mint green purse with that pairing.

#8 I forgot about this shirt, and must include it in the pieces from last year that still fits and looks well.  The print is coral, red, black, creamy white and taupe.  Paired here with the white jeans and the coral sandals I purchased last year.  This shirt and sandal will also pair nicely with the black maxi skirt for look #9.  I'd use my orange leather bag (which I plan to refurbish with new chain strap instead of trying to match the leather).  I can wear a black sweater or the taupe one with it if more warmth is needed.

#10  I paired the navy cotton jacket purchased last summer from a spring clearance rack (it's all cotton) with the orange tee that Katie gave me and the new scarf.  The black reads navy/black.  I have this set up with the white jeans but it would go as well with the blue jeans( for outfit #11) with or without the jacket.

#12  The same orange tee, the scarf used as a belt at the waist and the black maxi.  I accented with a pretty green glass necklace and bracelet.  The same could be paired with the white jeans (#13).

#14  The outfit from last year.  White tank, taupe short cardigan and the chevron skirt.  I can change up necklaces to freshen this look.  I can also wear with a jeans jacket which is perfect for church as it gets quite cool in the sanctuary (#15). 
 (not my skirt but it looks similar enough you can see how this look will work for me). 

I could also wear the white or gray tank and jeans jacket with the black maxi.  I have similar shoes in a black/navy and would carry my gray purse from the winter purchases. (#16/#17). 

#18 The blue gauze shirt with coral accessories and the blue jeans. I usually wear a white tank under this because it is quite sheer.   I can also pair this shirt with the white pants (#19).  I'd use silver jewelry and the gray bag with that.

And there you have it.  I've given myself the option of 19 outfits and haven't even used all of the pieces yet.  I won't do a second post this season but you can see I've plenty to work with despite my 'modest' wardrobe.


Lana said...

Looks great. I like the straw bag with the outfits. It has suddenly gotten warm here and I am thankful to have more clothing options.

A prayer request-I am pretty sure I have found our house. I have looked at it once alone and once with a very helpful friend. My husband will not be back from France until Saturday night and we cannot look together until Sunday afternoon. Please pray that it stays on the market long enough for us to make an offer if my husband approves. We have trusted God with this move for about two years and now that the house has been found I am all up in knots about all the logistics of selling our present house and moving and all of that. Thanks all.

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Love your outfits.. Nice that you can interchange so many of the pieces..
Lana.... Will pray for you, that your house will stay on the market , until hubby returns home. God is good..He will see you through it all.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Very pretty outfits. Love that pretty, summery bright coral purse. It looks like you are ready for summer. I'm loving coral and peachy colors this year.

Lana - Praying that everything will work out perfectly for your house hunting when your husband gets home, and everything will go smoothly with the selling and moving from your current home.

Anonymous said...

The color combos in these outfits are stunning. Yes isn't it wonderful that our wrists and ear lobs do not change when we do so our jewelry still fits! Because of you I found out something else. I was wondering down a Goodwill rake of solid color tops. My had was near the material. I had never felt pink looked good at all on me. Then I noticed a deep blush pink and I knew it was my pink. I took the top to the mirror and yes it looked great. But the top was not my size..but I learned something anyway. There is a pink for my skin tone too! My wardrobe horizon has sure risen since your first posts on combining outfits. Still so much fun to experiment that I might not have done without you!

Lana I too will be praying for you to be able to view this home with your husband and if he agrees make a bid. As Susie suggested I will add that your current home will sell and the move go easily. Sarah

Tammy said...

Well, you know how I enjoy these fun wardrobe posts! Even in the few outfits you posted, you have a wide variety and all are very pretty. I'm curious about the maxi skirts - are they hot? I imagine them to be, so don't have one. I'm curious about your jewelry collection. You always have such fun necklaces that add the perfect accent to your outfits. Where do you shop for those?
I've been learning about capsule wardrobes and am going to empty the closet once more to do another inventory. I got rid of a lot when I read the KonMari book last Fall, and slowly will add in basic pieces that will last a few years. One thing I got that I've wanted for years is a denim jacket, and I love it.

Anonymous said...

Love the straw bag and white jeans. You are ready for spring. Thanks for sharing your outfit ideas. I have been writing down what works together when I find something. It is hard to remember from year to year which pieces work together. Hope your week goes well. Kip

Kathy said...

Love your outfits! Great job putting together a whole new wardrobe.
I really need a makeover. Being a sahm of teens now, my wardrobe consists of mostly jeans and t-shirts.

Debbie said...

I love all the outfits you put together. Isn't it fun to see how many different looks you can put together just by changing a piece or two and adding different accessories?

Karla Neese said...

Oh what beautiful outfits you've put together! You are going to look so cute all season long!

One question - in the photo from last year with the taupe caridgan - do you remember where you got the quilt that is pictured on the bed?

I'm wanting to replace bedding this year and I love that quilt!

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