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I'm so glad you all enjoyed last week's reading post. I haven't had as much time as I thought I might to peruse items but I have a few to share with you.

Dee shared the link to this item on her Facebook page.  I thought it lovely.  I guess really it doesn't matter what country, I like the look of country décor.
This room was my favorite.  I'd like to see it a tiny bit more yellow.  I swooned over the fabric on the chair.

My friend Robin shared this article.  By the way, stop by her blog.  Robin's a Master Gardener and a photographer and a singer, but gardening is a passion and she has a beautiful yard.    I could only agree with this article.  Mama has considered me and my home a repository for things she doesn't want to get rid of but no longer wants.  It took a lot of struggle to finally admit to myself that I didn't want her stuff cluttering up my life.  Mama still hasn't quite gotten the message but I've made sure that she understands if she insists on forcing things upon me I'm considering it mind to do with as I please...including passing it on to someone who truly will be blessed by it!

Annabel shared a link to this blog on her Facebook page.  I thought I'd check it out and frankly I'm a little smitten.  Lovely needlework, which I swear one day quite soon I shall do myself, great posts.  Jenny is very creative and I love her style.  Jenny of ELEFANTZ 

I love old movies and most forms of music and this video link on Facebook has both vintage movie images and a modern funk music.  The clips used are PERFECT and were incredibly fun to watch:

I discovered the works of Scott Garlock about three years ago...I was stunned and impressed by his photography, especially the subject matter which is mostly old abandoned homes of a historic age.   I spent a full afternoon lost in the past when I discovered him and I think if you've an hour or four to pass you might go look.

I like following The Glamorous Housewife.  She's a bit tongue in cheek, creative, funny.  I really enjoy the features of the blog, get her newsletter and am now enjoying  one of her latest projects called Making it Modern.  There are multiple episodes on the YouTube channel.  I love this series and hope it becomes a vehicle for a funny and talented lady.

Do you feel the need to boost your frugal power?  This blog post from Stacy at $ixDollarFamily was a great 'reminder' course for me.  Long ago I did reuse my coffee grounds and I've always been very careful about using dryer sheets (cutting into fourths and reusing at least twice when I do use them) but there are other ideas that are good ones to add to the 'try' list. 

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Karla Neese said...

Some of these are new to me and I can't wait to peruse and enjoy and discover. I too really enjoy The Glamorous Housewife. So funny.

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