This Week In My Home: April Dreams

 This week in my home:
...this is what April 1 looked like in our yard...although the photo is not from the day it looked just like it all the same.  I thought how appropriate April came in with the promised April showers and storms to shake things loose, though we had none of the wind or damage others about us saw.  I am grateful for that.  Today, of course, is all sunshine and blue skies and much cooler air, too.   It's gorgeous out there!

Remember when I said I was sure my guest room should be company ready?  I did just what I'd said I'd do and got it cleaned up and set up a table that can hold a suitcase up out of the floor.  Good thing.  I had a text from Bess asking if she and Sam might come up next week to go house hunt.  And right in time as they got the first offer on their home this past week.  So glad I minded myself and went to work on that guest room!  I'll look it over well before they arrive, but that room is ready for company, far more ready than it was when our unexpected guest arrived.

John returns to a normal enough work schedule for now, but I confess I've mostly enjoyed these long weeks of him at home, much as it was before his schedule changed to 24/72s.   My problem is that I always tend to treat these long weeks as a sort of holiday and I rise later and later and start my day's work later as well, sometimes not until afternoon.  Discipline is wanted in this area and I must start to rise consistently at a set time each morning and begin my days aright.  Mornings are truly my strength and the time of day when I can accomplish the most.  Not to mention that on those days when John makes plans I can truly accomplish all needed tasks well before we're ready to leave home.  He'll work two days this coming week and that means I'll be up plenty early enough at least 4 mornings.  No excuse for not getting loads done this week nor for not having a good morning's work behind me all week long.  I hope that means I knock a good bit of my work list out this week.

...I plan meals

I have enchiladas on my mind.  Namely because I have a huge packet of corn tortillas to use up and it's my opinion that corn tortillas never freeze well unless they are filled.  My favorites will go on the menu this week and I'll make extra for the freezer. I expect I'll end up making some beef ones as well, but I'll use ground beef.  As always, I'll start with what we ate on Shabat.  Several new to me recipes (or ones I've tried but haven't used in ages) are all from the same cookbook, BH&G Good Food On A Budget, a thrift store find that has been on my bookshelf for some time.  I plan to cook as many of the recipes as I can in it, so expect to see a few of them here in the next month.

Meatloaf, Onion Roasted Potatoes, Italian Flat Beans, Salad, Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Leftovers for me

Rice Stuffed Chicken*, Asparagus, Salad with Strawberries, Blue Cheese and Almonds
I did not have one of the key flavor ingredients (mucho important to the dish) so I stuffed chicken with lemon and onion.  I took brown rice from the freezer and made a pilaf with lemon zest, onion and almonds.  Asparagus roasted in the oven.
Chicken Enchiladas Verde, Kidney Bean Bowl*, Upside Down Cake 

Chili Beef Potato Soup*, Corn Muffins, Salad with Carrots, Raisins and Nuts, Pineapple Upside Down Cake

out with Mama

Savory Chicken Pot Pies*, Honey Glazed Carrots, Steamed Broccoli,  Coleslaw

... I plan my work for the week:

I have pictures ready to hang on the front entry wall.  It will take John to get them up but I'm going to 'remind' him they need hanging.  Not nag...didn't wait on John...did it myself

Booth...I still haven't been in and I'm determined to make it this week.  I mean to work on tags/items today and have it all bagged and ready to take into town with me on Thursday or Friday when the store is open.

I have a last bag of books to deliver to the Women's Club for resale.  I'll try to do this Wednesday when I'm in town.  If only the flea market were open on that day, too! Found a short stack behind a chair.  Added those to the bag, too.

Hem the curtain in the master bath.  I trimmed it to length when I bought it and bought thread to hem it a couple of weeks ago.  Sorry to say I then forgot the hemming needed to be done.  With windows open Saturday the curtain blew and the end raveled a little more.

Pantry freezer inventory to check expire dates on items and rotate as needed. 4-4 Back pantry and freezer done.

Noticed a world of privet coming up under a tree here in the yard.  Past experience has taught me to get it up quick.  I'll work on that in spells this week.4-5 roughly half of it was pulled up.  I don't know if I'll be able to bend over tomorrow or not...

Everything else is, like booth work, from last week;

Move plants, spread mulch.

Clean under stove hood.

Spray paint something...It was too windy and later too rainy. Nope...I forgot to buy primer, which is needed as the pieces I have paint for are metal and have small rust spots.

...I will have fun:

I have several issues of April magazines to read, both modern day and vintage.  Some portion of each day will be spent reading them and my current books...yes multiple books, two at present.4-5 While I scanned new vintage photos to use with this blog, I read a lovely story by Faith Baldwin in one of the magazines.  Nice!

Out to dinner with Mama.

Going to town to purchase herbs for the back flower pots. Moved the rosemary and found parsley and basil seed which I planted.  Will see how well those take.

Have coffee and music mid-afternoon.  Sadly, I'm finding most of my records were very nearly played to death years ago and are full of scratches and skips.  I'm going to get rid of the very worst ones, much as it pains me.John played guitar one afternoon after we'd had nachos and soda (he even measured out my sweet!).  Another afternoon we had iced tea and crackers with cheese while chatting.  I could quickly make this mid afternoon snack and ease thing a permanent feature in my life.

I promised myself a manicure last week and then didn't do it. 


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Good goals. hope you have a good week.
Your menus sound delicious.. Hope you two have a great week.

Tammy said...

I am like you in that my best work is done in the morning. I'm rested and nothing hurts much yet. LOL.

Your talk of enchiladas has me thinking about making some for our Taco Tuesday meal we like to do with the boys. I have a fresh package of corn tortillas from Aldis (there is one in Lincoln now and we've gone a couple of times).

Lana said...

We are totally in the trenches and getting all in readiness for hubby to be away for 15 days. Even things like items that are on tall shelves that I cannot reach must be addressed. I am hoping we d not forget anything important!

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