In My Home This Week: New Beginnings

In my home this week:

The little bird that nested on the back porch last year is back.  John mentioned we had a bird nest on the cupboard shelf next to an extension cord.  I noted the nest but didn't think too much of it until this week when I was working outdoors potting plants and I realized I was keeping Mama bird from her business.  I hurriedly cleared up my mess and came indoors.  She flew in and out while I worked about the porch Friday morning and even this morning as I rocked on the porch before the family woke, she went about her business feeding her family.  It made me mindful that I needed a breakfast plan.

The family came in last night in the wee hours of the morning.  This morning we attempted to talk but there's so much going on at once there's little time to get a full sentence out of our mouths.  Nevertheless, I did gather that we're probably looking at about 6-8 weeks.  It will be roughly a month before either of the house sells will close.  There will be some minor work done on the new home.

Today I realized that this 'visit' will be a stretching of myself in many ways:  managing our budget, our time, our energy...most especially my own time and energy.  Score one on my side.  I realize during the last weekend the family was here together that my morning time prayer and study would be a pleasant memory only unless I moved from the kitchen area into a more private space.  When I discovered yesterday evening that the family was coming in two days early, I quickly set things to rights before sundown.  My last act was to move my Bible, prayer journal and devotional into our bedroom.  I didn't leave my room this morning until I'd had that quiet time and it set my day off on the right foot. 

A restful, not really.  I didn't have a meal planned ahead and I didn't anticipate how much destruction even a very well behaved almost 2 year old boy can create.  I had a dishwasher full of dirty dishes I really ought to have done yesterday afternoon.  There's a huge basket of laundry already and this day only just barely done.  I've been spoiled with it mostly being the two of us, so yes, I'll be making adjustments all along. 

As will the family.  Daddy must go away to work in Savannah and Mama is sleeping on a blow up mattress on the floor.  Boy is in a pack and play and in a strange room.  Most of their belongings are packed away and in storage.  This will not be easy for them.  Little comforts will be lacking and days will be demanding all of us to buck up and do our best. And we will.

...I plan meals:

Mayonnaise Roasted Turkey Breast, Italian Roasted Vegetables, Peach Cobbler

Fried Chicken (takeout), Salad, Rolls, Peach Cobbler
This was John's desire...and I'm smart enough to realize that right now I need to take whatever help is offered.  We'll watch the budget but the budget  will bear the strain of a few conveniences here and there.

Sweet Chili Pineapple Chicken with Rice
I'll make this dish while Sam is gone since he dislikes pineapple.  It's full of vegetables so we can skip a side dish. 

Left over Chicken, Steamed Broccoli, Mac and Cheese

Easy Italian Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Wedge Salads

Beef Enchiladas, Yellow Rice, Green Salad with Pico de Gallo

Grilled Steak, Grilled Corn, Tossed Salad, Rolls

...I plan my work:
As we attempt to settle in and find our way about one another, I'm settling for keeping up this week.  No big projects planned. 

It is a Harvest week, so groceries and bills and errands.

Blog posts as able.

...I plan my leisure

Quiet time in my room each morning is what I aim for and perhaps reading in my room each evening.


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Terri, Praying for you and family.. Know this is hard for all of you.. But know you will all make the best of it.. I tell my hubby, when any of the kids or grandkids come to spend the night or several days--- I cant believe how everything gets out of order. Just one extra person and things go hay wire.ha.
take care .. and do accept help with your meals or other help.. You can get back on track with the kids get settled in their new home.

Lana said...

What fun to have your Mama bird back! We have one that nests in our unused newspaper box every year but I have not seen her this year. She has been there for many years so I wonder is she has passed on to 'bird paradise'.

I will pray for your family to all adjust and roll with what is to be. It is very tough and tots are for sure exhausting. I also find it hard to always be watching not to trip over toys. Our oldest daughter and her husband lived with us for a bit before they went to China as missionaries years ago. Now I wish I had just made it a fun time instead of just getting through it. There were offers of help that I refused because I like things done my way and now I realize that it would have been nice to have my SIL cook dinner when he asked. Daughter and I did do some painting of birdhouses that are still in my screen porch. Don't forget to play outside with the grandbaby! It is a real stress reducer! Praying for much grace for you all.

I have my menus planned for the week and groceries bought. On Saturday morning we will travel 5 hours to visit our oldest son and family for the weekend. His in-laws now live 3 doors down the street so we get to sleep in a real bed at their house instead of on our camp cots in their living room. Happy dance!!!

We have begun a kind of major renovation of our half bath downstairs. The counter top guys come this week and then it is up to us to get it done. We are in a mess yet again with stuff everywhere that it does not belong.

Have a good week everyone!

Becky L said...

What a change for you all,but what an opportunity! You have the chance to snuggle with your grandson,and get closer to your daughter-in-law and son. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to experience daily life with a young family. You will have a new closeness with them. Time goes quickly, enjoy!

Vickie's Kitchen and Garden said...

Terri -I love how you have found your quiet place. It's nice to find a place where you know you won't be disturbed. No one even knows your up. Yeah!

Rhonda said...

Dear Terri, you know we have lots of house guests but never as many as you for as long as you will this time around.
Yes, doing anything with a 2 year old around is nothing like doing the same thing alone :)
I'm sure there will be bumps but I also expect this time together will make you all even more close knit.

Anonymous said...

You know they don't call them terrible twos for nothing. That being said, lucky you. I would love to have a two year old running around again. So much fun! When you get to heaven, God is not going to ask how many dishes you've washed or how many beds you have made.

Have fun,

Anonymous said...

My daughter and little darling lived with us for two years. She was a single mom, with a premature infant, trying to find work in her profession, living on her unemployment so I have a few suggestions. They are now part of your family, don't treat them as guests, I guarantee it will drive you and them crazy and set all of you up for hurt feelings. It is not your job to take care of the little one, he has a mom to do that. Feeding, discipline,laundry, bedtime is still her domain. Allow her to cook, clean, and take care of part of the housekeeping. You will both be happier. Spend time alone on your porch and in your flowers, do your errands alone, and remember don't expect John to change his routine. My daughter epecially likes to cook so while she was here she took over most of the cooking,which I enjoyed. She made her menu and we made a grocery list together. It was a great time, mostly because she had her space and we had ours. My dining room was turned into a bedroom for her and the baby had her own room. We made sure she had tv and a comfortable chair in her room to escape to. We are fortunate to have a large basement so she had storage. My living room did get a lot of her of toys, but what a nice tradeoff to watch Becca grow and love us and enjoy. It will be what you all choose to make it. Hope it is at least 95% happy memories for all. Gramma D.

Tammy said...

Welcome to a little slice of life around here. LOL. You'll do fine and will miss them when they move out. Like Gramma D said, you are blessed to have this time with Josh. I do understand the need for alone time. Enjoy having them with you - at least you have an end date for their visit. :)

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