Weekend Reading

I have a little longer reading list this week.  I took time to scroll around pages and found some interesting things. 

This post was on Hometalk this week, which features blog posts and instagrams that are put on Pinterest each week.  I am always looking for a new creative outlet.  One of the links this week led to a whole series of lessons:  Learn to Watercolor Paint

Often enough I get a request for more meatless meals.  Dee archived all of her vegetarian recipes into one spot this past week.  I know that Rhonda has made Lentil Tacos several times and she always mentions how good they are.  I don't know if their recipes are the same but Dee has one for them and it sounds good to me.  Click on that link or click here for all of her archived recipes.

This was a fun stumble upon this week.  I recall when the first Publix grocery in our area opened up.  We went in to the grand opening of it after church.  John, Katie and I strolled the aisles and looked at everything on the shelves and made a full outing of it, lol.  Well grocery shopping at these places would be a fun excursion, too.

One of the blogs I enjoy following is Katy's Non-Consumer Advocate.  She's intent on putting her two boys through college without student loans or debt.  She is a prime example of how putting a little aside here and a little more there, adds up to big money overall.  I really liked her perspective in this post on doing things in bite sized steps.

I found this link on a blog earlier this week.  I wish I'd saved the post because now I can't think who shared it, but the link is for a recipe for Salsa Verde or Tomatillo Salsa.  The girl said she often used green tomatoes instead of tomatillos.  For those of us just coming into gardening season, I thought it might be a handy recipe to have.

Rose's blog is fairly new both to me and to the blogging world.  I liked her post on procrastination this week.  I also like her series on 'Finding my Tribe' where she shares other homemakers who are striving for a greener, simpler lifestyle.

On our list of major things to do to our home is replacing windows.  I was especially interested in Thistlewood Farms post on choosing windows for the home.  I haven't watched the video included in the post but will one of these early mornings when I'm up.

I don't know how I ended up at this blog....perhaps a link within another blog I was reading.  I am always confused about how to keep certain flowers fresh and since Katie has hydrangeas blooming I thought she might like the information as would anyone else who is new to hydrangeas for arrangements

Salads are often on menus come warmer days.  I thought you might like this link to a wonderful variety from the Filipo Berio site.

How about a little more summer meals inspiration from my favorite grocery?

That's it for this week.  Hope you enjoy your reading time.


Lana said...

My husband went to a grocery store in France just to browse the isles. He said he really enjoyed it and he took pictures for me.

Colleen Gold said...

I am weird but I like to pick my own food. I am fussy on the best quality for what I can spend. Thanks so much for the links. I enjoyed following them all.

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