This Week In My Home: Ch-Ch-Changes

This week in my home....
...I've been busy of late.  John asked me Friday, "Is there someone timing you?  You've been acting as though you have a deadline to meet!"  Well...No.  But I'm so excited about all the creative thoughts flowing through my mind that I am determined to get busy and start making my visions reality.  Fortunately the greater portion of my inspirations are do-able, and affordable.

My big source of inspiration has been that quote I found earlier in the year: Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can. 

Take my work on Friday.  I've purchased paint a little at a time, a can here and a can there for various projects.  There's almost always leftover paint isn't there?  So I'm using up leftovers and have painted the three ladder back chairs I want to use in my back porch flower bed.  I will be painting the old set of steps under the pecan tree too.  I saw a photo in Pottery Barn of a plant stand that was a set of steps...I have a set of steps.   I also happen to have a can of black paint. As it happens that set of steps is clearly seen from my chair in the living room.  I think a vision of pretty pots of flowers will do me good, don't you?

I'm also beginning a long put off project of getting my dining room chairs painted and recovered.  I can't even recall how long we've had them but Katie was still living here when I got them and I've been meaning to paint and recover ever since.  Well this is the time.  I officially have one painted chair and I have covers cut and a brand new staple gun.  And while I was working on the chair there was a vision of my table and buffet all painted.  I am sure repositioning the dining table this past week helped get all of this inspiration going.

Why all this busyness and push?  Because I want and need to see pretty things about me and I realized that I can wait forever and ever, thinking that one day there will be money enough (maybe but who wants to wait to see?) to hire or buy things done but there's something in me that wants to see what I can do where I am with what I've got.   It's part and parcel of making home where I am at the moment instead of waiting for something better to come along.  It's important to live now and not one day some day down the road.  

...I plan meals:

Tuna Pasta Salad in Lettuce Cups,  Saltines, Strawberries with Whipped Cream

Greek Chicken, Lemon Pilaf, Broiled Zucchini and Peppers, Pita Bread

Italian Sausage with Summer Vegetables and Potatoes (roasted), Crusty Bread, Salad

Pita stuffed with Meatballs and Tzaziki Sauce, Tomato Salad,

Black Beans, Yellow Rice, Pico de Gallo, Green Salad with Ranch dressing

on my own X 2

...I plan my work week:

I have done well enough on my lists for the past two weeks.  I won't have to carry forward too much work for this week.  I don't know how much I'll get done after this week, so I want to accomplish what I can, but be realistic, too about what might get done.  Restraint being the key word as I do have a tendency to overdo and what is the point of that when life may well be very busy for a bit after?

Finish sanding and painting  three dining chairs.  Even if I don't get seats recovered right now to get the chairs painted is a major step forward.***too damp all week long to paint.  Didn't do any sanding either.

Purchase more primer and more paint for this project, more paint for the ironing board, too, and primer enough to cover the bed meant for the guest room.  I have enough paint and primer to do at least one more chair.***This will have to wait.  Money spent on plants and soil left nothing over.  I'll try and purchase next pay period (next week).

If I have bits left in the cans after painting dining chairs I'll touch up the café set on the back porch which just needs touchups and not full coverage.

Finish up the ironing board.***see above comments: money/damp

Bedding plants for the flower bed chairs in front of the back porch, and soil need to be purchased.  Obviously I'll have to stretch my pocket monies to cover these items and so I shall have to proceed carefully.  I may find I get some projects finished and don't start others just now.

Spread mulch at back porch bed.

MOP THE KITCHEN.  I keep spot cleaning but it needs a good all over mopping and I mean to get it done this week!

Plan meals for the rest of May.  I want to try some new things but also want to use up some of the items in the big freezer, as some of the produce is pushing two years old.  I'd like to make room to clear out the little freezer, too.  Planning well should be a budget saver, time saver and mind saver over the next couple of weeks. 

Alter that blouse I meant to alter earlier in the month. 

I think I have enough black paint I can refinish the table between our chairs and possibly also paint the old set of steps I want to use as a plant stand in the back yard.  ***damp

I'd like to clear out the few weeds growing under the pecan tree, too and will have John spray that area with weed killer.

Make a trip to the flea market and mark down a few more items, bring a few home.  I hope to reduce the space by one shelf unit by June 1, so I'll do some editing there.

Find the other two pictures I want to hang in our bedroom, paint the frames and get them hung.

Buy a plate hanger for the old berry bowl I want to hang on the living room wall.  Hang.

Print out the old seed packet graphics and find frames in my stash to fit those for the living room wall. Hang.

Wash cushions on front porch chairs.

Price cost of hanging the tablecloth outdoor curtains.

Plants for front porch (? budget minded of course).***have a few on hand now, just need to get ironing board painted so I can put pots on it.  Still need a few more...

And if I can swing these things and a day out with Mama, and routine housework with time to spare, I also hope to do a small bit of freezer cooking.  I've room to store it at present and a convenience item or four always comes in handy.***very small.  Macaroni and cheese, spaghetti sauce, some vegetable beef soup.

...I plan my fun:
I suspect the 'fun' part of this week might well end up being quiet time on the porch, in my chair and reading in bed.  I have planned a heavier than usual work week so I'm going to incorporate quiet resting time into each and every day. 

What plans do you have for the week?


Anonymous said...

I love homemade projects. Something unique that you just don't run out to the store and buy. I love home made wreaths, home sewn cutrtains, pillows, ect that have a bit of whimsy and fun to them. I was also that way when I used to sew mine and my girls clothes. I see this also in my daughters who are both quite creative. Today we are having snow flurries on and off,but will soon be in the flower beds. Love the step idea! Do you really want to paint it or is it already shabby chic? Gra

Colleen Gold said...

I loved the quote!!. I actually copied , enlarged and printed as a inspiration for my self. Thank you

Lana said...

You are running circles around me with all you are getting done! I saw a blog post once about just using all the materials you have bought for projects that you have not gotten around to doing. We did that for some months and accomplished so much and spent so little. We need to do it again, as you are doing.

I have to catch up with myself here at home after being away much of last week. There are lots of loads of laundry to do and menus to plan and cleaning that needs doing. This is the week to finally clean up the screen porch for use. It needs pressure washing along with the furniture. We have learned to just wait for pollen season to be over so that we do this job once and be done with it. I have a few begonias to put in the pots around the deck. We did stop at Aldi on the way home so I have produce and milk and can just plan around what we have for meals for the week. I have already made a large bowl of egg salad since many eggs needed using. We have eaten out all that we care to for a few days at least. But, we have a blast not worrying about meals except where to go and did try some new places this trip. It was so nice to just sit and talk.

We went out for Chinese on my birthday and because of the close proximity to Clemson University many places have an absolute policy on no alcohol without an ID. Of course, I left my purse at home as I did not think I would need it. Hubby asked if I could order wine without my ID and the sweet waitress said I could since I have graying hair. We have chuckled over that ever since.

Have a good week everyone!

Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Terri,, I love your quote , It is so encouraging to me. thank you.
I love that you are working and enjoying now, instead of waiting until later. I am trying to incorporate that in to my life..

I have a busy week coming up.. Two doctor appointments.. eeek. I want to make skirts for my granddaughters this week [I have them cut out].
I want to work more on getting the house organized [we just moved in to a smaller house, after selling our house.. I had lived in that house for 20 yrs. so I knew where everything went, and now I cant remember where I put anything . It is so hard.ha. I too, have several paint projects . I want to paint my outside chairs.. I have the paint already.. and now am waiting on a warm sunny week.. It has turned off chilly here again.
Have a great week..Be sure to show us photos of your chairs, when you get finished with them.. Sounds fun.

Kathy said...

Love your quote! You are so inspiring! Looking forward to seeing your projects. I also like what you said about it being "important to live ow and not one day some day down the road."
Thank you!
The weather is playing havoc with my migraines, so I haven't gotten much accomplished but the basics fed and happy with clean clothes and a somewhat clean for today, that is going to be good enough.
Hope you have a great week.

beckyathome said...

It seems like you are really bustling around getting a lot of creative projects done! It's inspiring to hear about your projects and I hope you put some pictures of them up when you are done. Painting is not my strength, so I admire anyone who is good at it:) Maybe in our new house, I will be inspired enough to paint some things.

I love your attitude of living happy now--it's how I try to live, as well. There are always days when I have to choose that choice, and then there are the days that is comes easy, but, I agree--i don't want to waste the time I have now in doom and gloom:)

I've been reading your posts for a while now, and am enjoying them very much.

Tammy said...

I love that you're getting projects done - please come motivate me! LOL.

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