Weekend Reading


Dee shared this on her Facebook page and being a history buff I thought it was so cool to see historical photos superimposed over modern day photos of the same area.  This was well done and gave a sense of timelessness to the Paris street scenes.  I really enjoyed viewing these photographs.

Years ago I did a full tutorial on Vanilla for Penny Ann Poundwise newsletter readers.  This contains much of the same information.  I'll have to start digging up a few of those old informational things from my old newsletter items to share, but in the meantime why not make reading a learning experience as well, right.  I came across this on Vanilla this past week. 

Being clothes minded I read Bridgette Rae's weekly blog posts.  I liked her post on the well dressed woman.  I'm not yet up to 'investing' in quality pieces but I do believe in 'asking for help' in the form of Pinterest, Polyvore and Rae's outfit posts.

This post on Passover was thought provoking.  It is not written from a Messianic or Jewish view but from a spiritual standpoint. 

No article with this one but a quote by Drew Barrymore in Good Housekeeping really resonated with me.  "There is a warrior aspect to being happy.  You've got to fight for it."   She went on to say that she'd finally realized being happy was a choice and I have to agree 100% with both statements. 

With my interest in genealogy naturally I was drawn to this particular article.  It led to an online link and there's a free printable of the tree chart to use. 

With asparagus season upon us, here's a BH&G video and series of articles on How to Cook Asparagus.


sparky136 said...

I look for my "investment" pieces at yard sales and thrift stores.

Dawn said...

The article on vanilla was interesting. I make my own vanilla extract and am glad when I see exactly how artificial vanilla extract is made.

Lana said...

I love your links and hope to have a bit of tome to look at all of them soon!

Sharing a link of a printable gallery wall-http://emilyaclark.com/2016/05/a-free-ready-to-print-gallery-wall.html

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